Applications are now closed. Thank you for applying.
Selected participants will be notified by 20th of August.

Data Journalism Workshop
September, 15-16
Bucharest, Romania
Deadline extended: 10th of August

Data Exploration for Storytellers is a free 2-day practical workshop for Romanian journalists, storytellers, NGOs, digital communicators. Working language of the workshop will be in English. Professional data and investigative journalists from The Times (UK), Sponge Lab (RO) and Textura (UA) will offer essential tools which can be applied by participants straight away in their work. Applicants are asked to pitch data stories ideas which, if selected, they can develop during the workshop through feedback from the trainers.

What you will learn

Understanding and reporting data (What is data? Variables and observations. Metadata & data provenance; Understanding & reporting survey results. Sample & margin of error; Understanding descriptive statistics: five-numbers summary, mean, median & mode, standard deviation; Understanding distributions in data)

Getting and cleaning data (Scraping data from web-pages; Identifying problems with data; Cleaning data with OpenRefine and regular expressions)

Finding stories (Grammar of data manipulation: filtering, grouping, calculating new variables & summarising data; Normalising data; Identifying trends & patterns)

Understanding charts and maps (What is data visualization? How do we perceive information? How do we encode information? How data visualization works? What is grammar of graphics? Essential tools for data visualization)


Romanian journalists and storytellers who are interested to work with data.

All participants should also:
Be able to work in English;
Be available for the full duration of the activity;
Be able to secure accommodation in Bucharest for the duration of the workshop.

The workshop is free of charge for the selected participants and lunch will be provided. Participants are responsible to secure their own accommodation in Bucharest for the duration of the workshop.

How to apply?
In order to apply please fill the online form by 31st of July.
DEADLINE EXTENDED: 10th of August.
Applicants will be informed if they are selected by mid-August.
Please note: applicants must apply with an idea for a data story which they will develop during the workshop (last question in the form).

Co-sponsors - US Department of State, The Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) and Digital Communication Network.   
Partners - T.E.T.A. Association

For more information about this workshop please contact
For more events like things please check out and join the Facebook group of the Digital Communication Network.

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